What to Lookout for in a Wireless Router-The Essential Features to Look into

If at all you happen to think that a wireless router's job is to connect you to the internet then you are certainly missing out on lots of the benefits that you may receive from this device.  Fine, the basic need for a router to serve is to connect to the internet but for those who really wish to make the most of the wireless routers, there are quite a host of other factors and features that you need to be particular with and these will make your experience all the better with the routers.  You need to appreciate the fact that there are some of the routers that happen to get one such a daunting task logging on to some of the basic features such as the router's administration panel but at the same time, some have such a clean and simple a process getting there.  You need to note the fact that this is one of the most sensitive parts and needs and as such fiddling one way or another with the wrong thing will leave you stranded without the internet.  In this post we will take a look at some of the most sensitive yet common features that you need to be aware of in the best wireless routers these days.  In as much as it is as safe playing around with these features, you however need to be advised to exercise some care anyway.  As such you need to be as careful and smart as you as well stand the risk of rendering your router useless.

The first is the security encryption.  It is a matter that need not be further reiterated as the security encryption is one of the features that you need to have a look at in the best of the wireless routers.  From how it sounds, it sounds quite an obvious and simple aspect of a feature but in reality you need to bear in mind the fact that not all of the router encryptions are of the same capabilities.  The wireless router security settings, if you have been as keen with them will often come of three kinds and these are such as the WEP, WPA and WPA-2.  Looking at all of these, it is a fact that the WEP is the weakest, with WPA being the strongest while WPA-2 is reckoned for being more resourceful than WPA though slower.  Thus these two, WPA and WPA-2, will be recommended and for most homes WPA-2 will be the most ideal. Here's a good read about best wireless routers, check it out!

The other feature that you need to look for in your best of the wireless routers is that of the filtering by media access control, MAC, address.  This is the feature that will allow you deny other devices any kind of connection to your wireless router.
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